Welcome Friends & Family! 

Well, six months have gone by if you can believe it!

Jet has grown in leaps and bounds. He cut his first tooth on April 12th and a second popped up right next to the first less than a week later!

He had his first taste of "big boy" food on April 24th, has been proudly practicing rolling from one end of the room to the other for weeks, and loves working out in his rain forest Jumperoo!

Jet is also quite the traveler. At eight weeks he experienced his first flight to Orlando, and has been to Phoenix twice now - each trip meeting family and friends and taking in the sights!

Our next adventure will be to Wisconsin in June - and we're driving! So stay tuned for pics from the first family road trip, (and we mean the WHOLE family, Monty and Cassius too), and wish us luck!

Love and Laughs,

Jet, Boone & Amy


Jet gets a taste of
Sweet Potatoes!

Jet tries out his new
Rain Forest Jumperoo!

Jet get's a taste of his first
"solid" food, rice cereal.

Jet's 21 weeks old!

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Jet Daniel Sings In The Timber
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