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CROW AGENCY, Mont.—Teams from nine districts on the Crow Reservation took part in a junior hand-game tournament that stressed the importance of each player’s clan.

MISSOULA, Mont.—Despite being shorter in length and taking longer to organize, this year’s Native American student-run powwow at the University of Montana attracted more than 500 dancers and 20 drums.

MISSOULA, Mont.—Have you ever wondered what a powwow was, and what are the different styles of dancing and what do they represent? Here is your chance to see the different dance styles.

MISSOULA, Mont.—Andrew Calf Robe has been playing in his favorite Indian basketball tournament for so many years that he's witnessed a generational change on the court.  

CHINCOTEAGUE, Va.––Tens of thousands lined Virginia's Eastern Shore as the Chincoteague ponies made their 84th annual swim. The pony swim made famous by Marguerite Henry's 1947 novel "Misty of Chincoteague" continues Thursday with the pony auction. 

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va.––Michelle Rathke ambled through the finish chute Saturday at the Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base and stood sipping a sports drink. Mud and dirt speckled her face and nearly covered her shirt, shorts and legs as she scanned the crowd for her running partner. 


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ROCKY BOY'S AGENCY, Mont.—The people of the Rocky Boy's Reservation came out to do their part to help elect Barack Obama on Election Day. Record numbers of Chippewa Cree cast their ballots at two reservation precincts and one located in a border town.

GREENBRIER, Va.—Between 1,000 and 1,300 spectators were treated to bucking broncos, riders on 2,000-pound bulls, barrel racing and calf roping at the Shrine rodeo at the Khedive Center in Green.

MISSOULA, Mont.óNative American athletes competed with the best runners in the state at the 45th Annual Montana High School Association Cross Country Championship, held Oct. 25 at the University of Montana.  

CHICAGO, Il.––Local residents of Chicago's south side live their daily lives surrounded by street violence that often affects the neighborhood's innocent. One woman survived a gunshot to the face after someone randomly shot at her house.