So much of Native American history has been recorded and told by non-Natives. But I think it’s time we use our own voices to tell our story. I think it is fundamentally important for Native Americans to preserve our culture for future generations. As a photojournalist I help do that visually, by making photographs and video of Native American life. And as an Apsáalooke (Crow), it is my deepest desire to document the life and culture of my tribe so that my children and all the children of the Apsáalooke will have it as record for future generations.
I am a documentary photographer and filmmaker. I studied journalism at the University of Montana in Missoula, specifically photojournalism. As graduate of the Freedom Forum's American Indian Journalism Institute, I have had photo internships at The Virginian-Pilot in Norfolk, Va., and the Billings Gazette and Great Falls Tribune in Montana.
Documenting Native American life is the main purpose of my life as a photojournalist. It is my desire to capture all the nuances of Native Americans and to present them to the non-Native world as well as preserve them for future generations of Native American. I was born and raised in Montana, I'm currently based in the Billings, MT.
My work has appeared in Indian Country Today, Native People’s Magazine, The New York Times, USA Today, The Virginian-Pilot, The Great Falls Tribune, The Billings Gazette, the Montana Tourism campaign, and various publications throughout the world.

A short story about my Crow Fair photography. Produced by Victoria Hill for Q2 News in Billings, Mont.

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